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Silver Week Adventures シルバーウィークの冒険

I originally was going to make my September post about my first experiences teaching English in Japan. But then a five day weekend called Silver Week came along and whisked me away on a string of adventures with lots of … Continue reading

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Walking through Clouds with the Rising Sun

Well it seems I’ve become quite the hiker since coming to Japan. First, Tokyo, and now Mt. Fuji. At about 3700 meters, Mt. Fuji is probably the first mountain I’ve ever hiked. This past weekend, Four friends and I made … Continue reading

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The Hike

Usually, I don’t see myself as a crazy type of guy–but then again, I’m in Japan, so I should probably clarify. I’m not crazy in the teenager-college student sense of the word where I do stupid-crazy things like staying up … Continue reading

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