Semester 2: Remember to Love 学期 2: 愛するようにします

Today I started my second semester here at Sophia University, in Tokyo, Japan, and probably the last semester of my undergraduate career. For some reason starting a new semester or a new school year is always exciting for me. Getting to see new classrooms, new syllabi, new classmates–or reunite with old ones, new teachers. Everybody’s fresh, and everybody is moving into new territory, usually socially and/or academically. And there’s usually a new season to go with it too. Yesterday, though, I had a special trip to make before this semester started. I’m surprised that I’ve been able to put it off so long.



Last year, in wake of the March 11th, the day when Japan faced their triple disaster of an earthquake, tsunami, and a nuclear crisis, I wanted to do something to help. Those of you who have kept up with my story for for the past couple years know that I was hoping to study abroad last year, and things were put on hold. I wanted to go and do volunteer work, but I knew that that would take time and money, delaying my graduation or perhaps making this study abroad not possible, so I decided to stay in the US at the time, but I at  least wanted to do a fundraiser to help with the relief effort. It wasn’t going to be a huge amount, as I didn’t have much experience doing that type of thing, but I wanted to do something. So I ordered some of those bracelets often used for special causes and events, and began taking donations for them over that year of waiting. In the end, I collected $116. I rounded it up to 10,000 yen and gave it to the Japanese Red Cross. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t seem like much, but I often hear it said that every little bit counts. So Japan, on behalf of my friends at George Mason University, Fairfax Community Church, and Fairfax, Virginia, here’s our little bit. Know that we remember and we care.

去年、3月11日のときに、なにかしてで助けたいかったです。私の前の2年間の話を読んで知っている方は私の去年の留学の希望とその予定の遅れたことが分 かります。私は本当にボランティアしたかったけど、お金も時間もかかるので、そうすれば、卒業とかもっと長い時間に日本に来ることを遅れてしまうわけだか ら、とりあえずアメリカに残って待つことにしました。しかし、せめて日本のために募金したかったんです。募金活動の経験がほとんどなくて苦手なので、お金 をあまり集められないのが知っていたけど、たすけたかったです。それで、募金活動とかイベントのための腕輪を頼んで、その一年間の待ち時間のあいだに義捐 金を集め始めたんです。結局$116を集めて(10,000¥になった)赤十字にあげたんです。全体の中であまりないけど、毎部分が小さくても、役立つそ うです。(英語の決まり文句:Every little bit counts)。それでは、日本、ジョウジメーソン大学とかフェアファクスコミュニティー教会とかアメリカのバージニアのフェアファクス市の友達に成り代 わって、これは私たちの部分なんです。私達が思い出して感心しているのを覚えてください。


About Stephen Gabriel Falke

Stephen Gabriel Falke is passionate about loving Jesus and loving Japanese! He grew up in Virginia, America, and first visited Japan in 2007. He then studied abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo for a year in 2012. He also participated in the JET Program as an ALT from 2015-2017. He currently works as an English teacher at Hirosaki Gakuin Seiai Secondary School in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan.
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1 Response to Semester 2: Remember to Love 学期 2: 愛するようにします

  1. You’re right every little bit does count, but 一万円 is a lot of money for one person to collect! You should be proud of yourself!

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