The Gaijin Inheritance

This blog is devoted to my journey to understand and love Japan, but I wanted to take a post to say thank you to a red-headed friend in Wakeijuku named Bryce, who left the dorm today. He insisted that I was the one doing him a favor, but his generosity left feeling otherwise.

Because he was leaving Japan, he had a lot of stuff that he couldn’t take with him and needed to get rid of. Some of the things were random, some of them were goofy, but a lot of them were really helpful and things that I had been meaning to get, like silverware.

Then there were some things that I felt like I ought to have paid money for, like a refrigerator, and a bookshelf. He said he wouldn’t take any money, so I decided to blog about him instead. Thank you Bryce! Perhaps from here on, The Gaijin Inheritance will become a new tradition at the Wakeijuku South Dorm, that consists of passing on a refrigerator, a bookcase, and other random things that aren’t important or practical or small enough to fit in suitcases. I feel like I ought to find something really odd that I can pass on to the next Gaijin : P

This seems to be part of a larger thing that’s happening, though. As it’s the end of a semester, there are many other study abroad students who are going home. And I have a few Japanese friends who are preparing to depart on study abroad trips of their own. It’s somewhat odd, how now, on the other side of the world, I’m now the one being left behind, saying goodbye to people who are going away from where I am. It’s not that it’s lonely; there are still many Japanese here, and a few foreigners, but it’s just kinda, well, odd, surreal even, to find myself on the other side of a farewell on the other side of the world. It’s as if Japan has already become ‘here’ to me.


About Stephen

My name is Stephen Gabriel Falke, and I am passionate for all things Japanese. I have been accepted to teach for the JET Program starting 2015. In the past, during my time in college, I also had the chance to participate in a study abroad at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, for Japan's 2012 school year. On my blog I write about my love for Japan, my journey to get there and stay there, and my adventures studying and teaching there.
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