Officially Official!

Please excuse the bad photo quality–phone camera was what I had at the moment.

But! It’s now officially official! This is the acceptance packet from Sophia University itself, complete with well, all the necessary forms, info, and maps needed to finish up the logistics of getting to Japan. My official arrival date is April 2nd. And my housing is at Wakeijuku, a men’s dorm that is mostly Japanese, with a few of us foreigners mixed in. And, even better than last time, I got placed in the undergraduate division : )

52 days.


About Stephen

My name is Stephen Gabriel Falke, and I am passionate for all things Japanese. I have been accepted to teach for the JET Program starting 2015. In the past, during my time in college, I also had the chance to participate in a study abroad at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, for Japan's 2012 school year. On my blog I write about my love for Japan, my journey to get there and stay there, and my adventures studying and teaching there.
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  1. Stephen! I’m so excited for you 🙂

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