Displaced Blogger

In the midst of all this blogging from Virginia, the irony is not lost on me that I’m maintaining a blog about studying abroad in Japan, when in fact I’m not actually in Japan. It sounds really funny when I say it, borderline ridiculous. But I suppose it illustrates well how I feel. I recently had a conversation with someone who shares my yearning for Japan, and we described it as our being stuck in two separate worlds. I’m definitely here, and I’m enjoying the stuff I’m doing here a lot, but I also feel the distance between here and there every week, if not every day. Every now and again I’ll stop to count up how many days until I actually leave (or every blog post, perhaps). 134 days until I can begin blogging about what I’m actually supposed to be doing :p


About Stephen Gabriel Falke

Stephen Gabriel Falke is passionate about loving Jesus and loving Japanese! He grew up in Virginia, America, and first visited Japan in 2007. He then studied abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo for a year in 2012. He also participated in the JET Program as an ALT from 2015-2017. He currently works as an English teacher at Hirosaki Gakuin Seiai Secondary School in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan.
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3 Responses to Displaced Blogger

  1. Vivian Bolt says:

    It was in class today that I wondered about your journey to Japan.
    Over the holiday, I saw my son’s in-laws that are (husband) Japanese and (wife) Chinese. I spent some time with them re Japan. They were born in Hawaii, but their parents both immigrated. And they lived in Japan for 10-12 years. He is fluent in the language and ex military (U.S.)-Used his language for military.. Oh, how I wish you could meet them. Wonderful people. My best wishes to you. It won’t be long now before you are on your way!

  2. Michael B says:

    If anything it speaks to your skill as a writer that you can write an enthralling blog about japan… while in america

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