I waited to do this post, because it was a busy week, and I would have rather done it late but to have done it well, then to have done it sloppily. Now that I am writing, though, I feel that there isn’t much to say. I wasn’t in New York when it happened, nor can I think of anyone I knew who was. I was a confused sixth grader in a deceptively small classroom–childhood makes everything seem bigger–watching it happen on TV. I remember 9/11.

And I wasn’t in Japan when it happened, though part of me wishes with all my heart that I was. I was reading and getting ready for bed. I recorded in my journal that I felt a lot of anxiety that night. When I awoke in the morning, I watched my heart breaking on TV, in slow motion, over and over again. I remember 3/11.


About Stephen Gabriel Falke

Stephen Gabriel Falke is passionate about loving Jesus and loving Japanese! He grew up in Virginia, America, and first visited Japan in 2007. He then studied abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo for a year in 2012. He also participated in the JET Program as an ALT from 2015-2017. He currently works as an English teacher at Hirosaki Gakuin Seiai Secondary School in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan.
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