Farewell to Farewell Season

I canceled my flight ticket. I had been putting it off, day after day, until the last possible day it could be done, but I finally did it. March 31st, 12:20pm, I won’t be on a plane. Two 180’s makes a 360, which leaves you where you started, except with twice the disorientation.

It was a beautiful time. I felt so blessed with every farewell I exchanged. Every cup of coffee (or tea, I don’t drink coffee), every get together, reminded me how much I would miss this place. During my last drama performance, at the beginning of the month, my going away was announced, and after the show I was mobbed by my elementary age fans. Hearing over and over again from friends in both intimate settings and large parties what I’ve meant to them truly moved my heart. I was leaving something good.

Now, as I am left to deal with the aftermath of, well, you know… As I pick up the pieces left behind from that, I’m constantly reminded of what I feel like has been ripped out of my hands. Other than cleaning my room and packing my bags, everything was ready. From airfare to stuffed thank you letters to a pre-sold car and a job handed down, everything was set for me to go. Now, with every letter that takes the place of its outdated predecessor in the envelope, I am painfully reminded of how much I yearn for that place. My first experience living in Japan, my first chance to develop deep Japanese friendship, my first chance to be more than a tourist in a place that is not my hometown, and the chance to be love and help to a people desperately in need of it: I had lost something good.

I had hoped that I would have been able to title this post, “It’s Still Farewell Season,” but Farewell Season is all but gone, and it is about time to bid farewell to it. It was certainly good while it was here, but I don’t think I’ll be seeing it again for some time. Until then, please, although I know that you will, please remember, God, love Japan.


About Stephen Gabriel Falke

Stephen Gabriel Falke is passionate about loving Jesus and loving Japanese! He grew up in Virginia, America, and first visited Japan in 2007. He then studied abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo for a year in 2012. He also participated in the JET Program as an ALT from 2015-2017. He currently works as an English teacher at Hirosaki Gakuin Seiai Secondary School in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan.
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1 Response to Farewell to Farewell Season

  1. Tacti says:

    (This is Karissa, btw~)
    I know that it hurts, but don’t worry, Stephen. Japan is being looked after. ^^
    You may have lost your chance this time, but I’m sure it’s just to make way for another chance that will be even more life-changing.
    And hey, if you’re in Japan, I can visit you when I’m in Korea! ^_~

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