With now a little less than a month left, Lot’s of things are dawning on me. Like, for instance, that when I leave, I won’t get to see family or my friends on a daily basis anymore. I also realize, that having wanted to do this post several days ago, and not being able to post it until now shows me that time really does fly by–time is valuable, too. Four weeks of time leak out of my wallet, hour by hour, moment by moment. It’s when you see the end of that time that you realize how valuable that time is. That’s why I don’t count the days down, at least not yet–because this time is precious. Although, I suppose when something is only four weeks away, you have to look ahead. And I admit that I’m ecstatic! That time will be precious, too. But I’m not there yet. This time still has four weeks in it. Four more weeks until my world is turned upside down. Literally, haha.


About Stephen

My name is Stephen Gabriel Falke, and I am passionate for all things Japanese. I have been accepted to teach for the JET Program starting 2015. In the past, during my time in college, I also had the chance to participate in a study abroad at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, for Japan's 2012 school year. On my blog I write about my love for Japan, my journey to get there and stay there, and my adventures studying and teaching there.
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